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As one of the largest hospital trusts in England, with five hospitals and community clinics, we serve a local population of around 695,000 people and provide specialist services for a far wider population.  Our reputation for delivering high quality specialist care, particularly in urology, kidney disease, and vascular services, as well as for our research and innovation is both national and international.  Our pursuit of excellence is at the heart of all that we do, and we are proud of our achievements – from being ranked first in Kent for clinical research studies to the number of examples of ‘outstanding practice’ identified by CQC in their last report, which saw us retain our “Requires Improvement” rating but which sets us further on the path to achieving an overall rating of Good.  Development of new facilities including the hyper acute stroke units at William Harvey, Darent Valley and Maidstone Hospitals and a successful bid to add capacity to our emergency department will further our ability to respond to the needs of our growing local population, whilst ensuring we are well placed to contribute across the wider transformation of health and social care provision at a system level.

Certainly we have much to be proud of, however there is also much to do.  The challenges presented by the current pandemic, concerns of failures in fundamental standards of care and reports of behaviour which contravenes the value we place on our people cannot and should not be ignored.  As a Trust we do not underestimate the challenges we face, but we do so with ambition and a commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve and the experiences of staff and patients alike. 

We are clear that the transformation of our trust can only be realised if we invest further in our people.  As an employer of over 8000 staff, we value their hard work and dedication and commit to supporting and engaging them through the challenges and uncertainty of change.   It is our frontline and operational staff who are best placed to know what needs to change and who will inform much of our journey of improvement.  Investing in the development of our staff to ensure they are confident, empowered and equipped to support this journey will be key to our future success.  Our “We Care” philosophy is predicated on the importance of empowering frontline staff to lead improvements day-to-day. It’s a key part of our improvement journey – it’s how we’re going to achieve our vision of great healthcare from great people for every patient, every time.

Our future must be shaped around our people and supported by inclusive leadership and robust governance.  It is imperative that we seek out those leaders who embody our values and commit wholeheartedly to supporting our staff to achieve our priorities.   

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